Versus Modes


Arcade is a casual game mode where each character has a different assortment of weapons.

Gnashers Only KOTH

Gnashers Only KOTH is special weekly versus event that allows players to play King Of The Hill mode with only gnashers. There absence of smoke grenades or other weapons makes this mode a chaotic blast to play.

Gears 5 Versus Mode - Gridiron


Gridiron is a capture the flag, football style game mode. Players can score points by eliminating the entire team that round or by scoring a touchdown by capturing the flag. Gridiron is a single elimination rounds.

One Shot, One Kill

One Shot, One Kill

One Shot, One Kill (OSOK) is a sniper game mode featuring the longshot only. Players start with extra ammo, body damage is lowered, and headshots are insta-kills.