Weekly Escape: The Corruption

Gears 5 Escape Mode Map - The Corruption

This week players will get to play a new map in Escape mode – The Corruption. This map is full of Rejects, at times there will be twenty to thirty on your screen. On intermediate difficulty or higher, the rejects will create large toxic puddles upon death. You must keep moving at all times, as the more rejects you kill, the floor can become completely toxic at times.

Be sure to check out the Escape Mode page for an upcoming guide for tips to beat this escape on the hardest difficulty. You can also read more on this Weekly Escape on the official Gears Of War blog.

The Corruption is a hive built around a seemingly overwhelming amount of Rejects. Players must explore and find explosive weaponry to deal with the onslaught of rejects.

Official Gears Blog

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